Tuesday, November 8, 2011

UC Berkeley Coding for Grub: Battleship!

Last week we had a bit of fun in the local community by heading down the road to host Coding for Grub at UC Berkeley on Friday , November 4, 2011. This event was hosted by Vertigo and the Computer Science Undergraduate Association at UC Berkeley.

“Your challenge, should you choose to accept, is to sink your opponent’s battleships before they finish off your fleet.”

In this classic game of “Battleship”, we provided a Javacript-based game engine while the Cal students, working independently or in a team, determined an ideal algorithm for searching the grid and targeting their opponents. Teams then squared off against each other in a March Madness fashion playoff bracket to compete in a best of 5, single elimination tournament.

15 teams showed up for the challenge. 1 team did not finish in time, while another was disqualified for technical reasons. In the end, it came down to Team Apehunter versus Team Ego. Ego emerged victorious, taking home the grand prize of $150 in Amazon gift certificates.  

But the evening did not end there … Ego took on Vertigo and everyone held their breath as each team won 2 games a piece. I told everyone to take a deep breath and hit the refresh button for the final time. There was a huge cheer from the Cal students as Ego beat Vertigo by the slimmest of margins to claim the title of Battleship Champions!

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