Thursday, March 18, 2010

Video from Vertigo's events at MIX 10

I just got back into the office after spending a week in Las Vegas for the annual Microsoft MIX Conference. Vertigo had a huge presence at MIX this year, where the media work we've focused on for the last year was on display. I personally had a great time, and I want to thank everyone who worked hard to make this conference a success!
Here's a summary of the videos on the MIX site that relate to Vertigo's work.

Vertigo was once again featured the main MIX keynote. A ~5 minute video about our Olympics player was shown about 6 minutes into it! You can see the keynote here: (jump to 6:30 into the video)
Scott Stanfield, our CEO, later went onstage and did a live demo of an app we built for Netflix for the Windows Phone 7.
Vertigo also built the live Smooth Streaming player that allowed users to watch the keynote live.

Smooth Streaming:
Scott did a great session with my colleague Mike Hanley, where they demoed doing a “Do It Yourself” Camera to Screen smooth streaming demo – pretty entertaining if you’re into video, smooth streaming, or even cinematography – you can watch it here:

Scott and I presented a session focusing on the work we did for the Olympics, how things worked behind the scenes, and why it matters. You can watch it here:
Jason Suess (the Olympics PM at Microsoft) did a presentation focusing on the possibilities that the new open-source Rough Cut Editor provides, and how we used it during the Olympics:

Silverlight Media Framework:
Eric Schmidt ran a presentation on the Silverlight Media Framework that Vertigo has developed and released on CodePlex: